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"The Year of Possibilities"



Jan Mann Educational Center is an alternative education center, located in Northwest Miami Dade County.

The school was established in 1967 and relocated in 1996 to its present location to accommodate 350 students.

It is a breathtaking facility which sits on 10.3 acres next door to Florida Memorial University.  

Jan Mann Educational Center is a small educational setting that includes approximately 100 students of multi-ethnic,

and low and middle  economic backgrounds that are administratively assigned due to various

problematic conditions within the traditional school. Students who attend Jan Mann Educational Center are in

Grades 6-12 and reside in the northern half of the county. In conjunction with an emphasis on academic  

achievement, another objective of Jan Mann Educational Center is to change the negative behaviors and attitudes

of the disruptive, disinterested, and truant students and to provide the necessary support and enrichment to

meet each student's individual needs. Jan Mann Educational Center has established unique academic programs

in which young men and women move at their own pace, providing opportunities to achieve success and be

returned back to the traditional school setting as responsible and well adjusted students. Jan Mann Educational Center,

in cooperation with the community, parents, and other organizations, prepares the students for success in the

home and community.